In connection with the spread of the new Corona virus, ClaraLab wants to reassure its customers and inform that our work continues unaffected. Deliveries and service work have been carried out as planned and there is currently no indication that this would change. The company also has a policy for its employees in order to avoid as far as possible that someone gets infected. Our employees have also not visited any risk areas.

– We have not received any information from any of our suppliers that they should have any problems delivering products, says Claes Karlsson, owner of ClaraLab.

– Our employees have also been able to work without hindrance as we currently have nobody infected. We therefore feel confident that we can offer the same service and goods as befor ClaraLab’s other owner Annika Garnås fills in.

If you have any questions regarding ongoing or future deliveries, please feel free to contact us by email here or call 08 – 29 60 00.


Vestfrost solution blir ny leverantör av laboratorie- och läkemedelskyl och – frys, och lågtemperaturfrysar

Vi har en ny leverantör för laboratorie- och läkemedelskyl och frys, och lågtemperaturfrysar – danska Vestfrost Solutions. Vestfrost tillverkar laboratorie- och läkemedelskylar och -frysar samt praktiska tillbehör såsom glasdörrar, DIN 58345 kit, hyllor och lådor. Vestfrost grundades i Esbjerg, Danmark 1963 med en vision i åtanke: Att skapa världens bästa kylskåp …